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How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


  • Kill CitationNew parameter
    • Change citation auto-linking to no longer auto-link with newer volumes (past 540)
  • Templates outline
  • History --> subtemplates --> #switch
  • With advice + consent of the WikiProject...
  • More test cases
  • More discussion --> kill it entirely and use decide date
  • Chiefs list / compare with SCOTUS list
  • Redirect talk pages of /Reports, /Plan, etc.
  • Clean up WP:SCOTUS and talk page (archive)
  • Write /Plan
  • Style guide... foolish consistency is the hobgobblin...
    • Guide, not the Truth; it's a goal
  • Old plan banished to page history
  • Intro paragraphs
  • 2013 expand start?
  • Start an article wizard from case indices
    • Thank you for volunteering to ...
  • Generate reports to monitor and check articles
  • Meta-work
    • Alphabetize members list
  • Infobox template work
  • Slip opinion
  • Supreme Court Reporter (S. Ct., S.Ct.)

General work[edit]

  • Create redirects (write tool to do this?)
  • Improve categorization (by volume, by Court, by area of law, etc.)
  • Cross-reference lead cite with infobox cite
    • Look for anomalies
    • All cases should have FullName, etc.
    • Standardize parameter input
    • Build private database for this...
  • Typos, etc.
  • Clean up indices
  • Standard article titles
  • Standardize article headers
  • Standardize external links
  • Add infobox to all articles
    • Kill cat! --> now on all articles
  • Move volume lists to better titles?
  • Link to Wikisource for case law...
  • Implement a feature similar to how we treat ISBN links
  • Create two lists of all SCOTUS-related categories somewhere (mark talk pages?)
    • Article-related categories (Fifth Amendment, by Court, etc.)
    • Maintainence-related (A Class, Top importance, without an infobox, flagged, etc.)


  • Bolster arguments for inherent notability of all SCOTUS cases
    • Document these arguments somewhere




Please help keep this list up-to-date by adding, moving, and removing items as appropriate!

Requested review:

  • Assessed as C/low, I don't see any way to reconcile the inconsistencies since they apparently are in the primary sources. GregJackP Boomer! 19:02, 30 July 2012 (UTC)



Infobox issues:

Need work:


Since this project is obviously a large task, it will be ongoing. The main source used to find the articles involved is the Lists of United States Supreme Court cases. These lists are used and dealt with by the project.

Project phases[edit]

The phases or "waves" of the project are easier to accomplish in a certain order, but there are no set rules; any Wikipedian can work on any phase at any time.

  • Infoboxes All Supreme Court cases should have infoboxes created using {{Infobox SCOTUS case}} (instructions for its use at the same link). This infobox template is included in the template for creating a new article see our article creation guide.
    • You can use {{SCOTUS-Case}} to create a new article with a basic infobox from scratch. If you only want to add an infobox to an article, you can use it on your Sandbox and copy the result from there.
    • A general guide to creating infoboxes for cases is here.
    • Infoboxes effectively replace a defunct "The bench" section. (Example here.)
  • Case citations: If we don't have an article about a case, we'd still like to direct readers to useful information. For any references to cases without Wikipedia articles, create case citations as follows:
Proper format- ''[[Name v. Name]]'', {{tlx|ussc|VVV|PPP|year}}) See case citation for more information. Googling the case name is usually enough to find its citation. Check the result to be sure the link functions—URLs for recent cases must be added manually instead.
  • External link to text: Every article should have an external link section with at least one link to the full text of the decision. The easiest and probably most reliable place to link to is Justia. Opinions can be found by searching at A link to Justia can be created by using: {{ussc|VVV|PPP|year}}.
  • Section headers: As articles expand, it is a good idea to add section headers to organize the information. A suggested outline for articles is listed below.
  • Categorize: Every article should be put into the category of United States Supreme Court cases, but also can be put into proper categories regarding the type of case law.
Example: Category:United States copyright case law
  • Copyedit: Make sure everything that should be linked is linked. Proofread for grammar, style, etc.
  • Lists: Finally, every case should be listed on the appropriate list by Chief Justice at Lists of United States Supreme Court cases page. Sort the case by its citation and copy the formatting for other entries.


  • Wikisource: If you're so inclined, please help with the importation of cases on our sister project, Wikisource. A bot is currently in the process of importing every Supreme Court decision from's collection of the United States Reports. The project is in need of people to assist in proofreading, editing, and disambiguating decisions added by the bot. WikiProject U.S. Supreme Court cases on Wikisource has information about formatting and other guidelines, as well as a to do list.