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To-do list

This is just a notepad for myself of pages that I'm working on with reminders of what wants adding to them (my poor sieve brain needs help, you see...). If you spot anything interesting here, please feel free to work on it yourself and please edit this page if you come up with anything I've not thought of (or forgotten...) that wants adding to these pages.

Great Ayton[edit]

  • Info-box type thing? - one info-box, as requested
    • Picture would be nice...
  • Geography
    • River Leven
    • Moors and Roseberry Topping
    • OS Grid Reference NZ565115 - done with map link! Hurrah!
  • Twinned with Ouzouer-Sur-Loire dans le département Loiret en région Centre, France - infoboxed
  • Captain Cook:
    • Schoolroom Museum
    • Statue on High Green
    • Captain Cook Monument - added inscription, mostly done
    • Site of Captain Cook's house

I've at least started everything above - pretty much everything wants some more work, but crossing things off the list is very satisfying!